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- GR54: Tour des Ecrins
- GR5: Grande Traversée des Alpes
- GR20: Corsica
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- Complete packages inclusive of guiding, accommodation and local travel.
- Private and group guiding to suit all.
- Based in Le Chazelet, La Grave, Hautes Alpes, France.
- Walks and treks throughout Southern French Alps.
- Via Ferrata, rock climbing and mountain biking for all ages and abilities.
Guided summer treks & Mountain walks
Clear mountain air, blue sky and great panoramas
Single day walks, weekly mixes and 6-14 day treks
Starting in June through to mid-October the French Alps experience perfect weather for outdoor activities. The fields are full of flowers and wildlife whilst the air plays host to numerous birds such as choughs, vultures and eagles. The Ecrins region with its varied altitudes and micro-climates means that there is always an option for trekking, walking, via ferrata, rock climbing etc. whatever the weather. 
French Alps Trekking schedule a series of guided treks including the GR54 Tour des Ecrins, the GR5 Grande Route des Alpes, the unique Meije-to-Mediterranean and the Ecrins+ Explorer. Dates for these treks can be seen on the relevant pages/links (see links above right) with full descriptions of each trek. However, many people prefer to choose their own dates and schedules so there is plenty of time from June-October to plan the most suitable trip. Just contact Darren to discuss what best suits your plans.
There are over 1180 km of designated paths in the region so there is a guarantee of something for all fitness levels, ages and interests.mailto:drdarrenmcaulay@gmail.com?subject=Summer%20treksshapeimage_10_link_0
Why come visit the region of the Ecrins Alps?
The French Alps are host to some of the most spectacular and varied mountain scenery in Europe. Sitting serenely towards the south end of the main alpine chain the Ecrins National Park is host to the Alps most southerly 4000m peak, the Barre des Ecrins (4102m). There are 150 summits greater than 3000m including the mythical peaks of Mont Pelvoux (3943m) and La Meije (3983m). Deep glacial valleys provide spectacular but easy access into the heart of this mountainous region where its wealth of beauty, flora and fauna are revealed.
Les Ecrins are justly popular amongst alpinists but with a network of long distance (GR's or Grande Randonnee) walking paths such as the GR54-Tour des Ecrins and numerous other mountain trails the area offers unique opportunities for walking and trekking a-like. Full day walks can be linked together with an overnight stay in a high mountain refuge.
Le Chazelet, La Grave provides the perfect base for exploring these mountains - famed for their sunny climate, unrivalled light and clear air. The village perched at 1800m overlooking the Romanche valley is surrounded by the sunny alpine pastures of the Plateau d'Emparis. The forgiving terrain of the plateau offers plenty of interesting walks to get you acclimatised whilst you gaze towards the spectacular peaks of the Grand Pic de la Meije, Le Rateau and the tumbling seracs of the Girose and Tabuchet glaciers.
Approaching a high col on the GR54 Tour des Ecrins
Enjoying a break en route to the Source de la Romanche river: Ecrins National Park
Via Ferrata at Puy St. Vincent - Fun for all ages!
The mighty Meije (3983m) and majestic glacier views from the Plateau d’Emparis walks
or arrange your bespoke mountain activity holiday - available all year